Thursday, August 17, 2017

Traverse City: one of the 7 Best Wine Regions In America For Seeing Fall Colors

Fall is one of the best reasons to visit wine country. Not only are the wineries in full swing—crushing grapes, making wine, and filling the air with delicious smells—but the leaves are finally changing, delivering some of the most picturesque views you can find in the fall. While all wineries are beautiful during harvest, there are some regions where fall’s colors simply shine brighter and the season truly takes on its quintessential qualities.

Traverse City

Michigan is by far one of the most beautiful states to visit in the fall, and this emerging wine region delivers in both color and wine departments. While Traverse City is only newly considered a wine region, it’s location on Lake Michigan has always made it an ideal destination for fall colors ranking it as #4. Now, thanks to some incredible area wineries you can enjoy the changing leaves and a delicious wines to pair along with them.

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