Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Classic Chocolates!

Join the Grocer's Daughter Chocolate for a fun introduction to the world of chocolate and a guided tasting of our chocolates! In this class you will explore where and how our chocolate is grown,learn about the wild world of processing cacao into chocolate, enjoy a tasting of cacao nibs/beans, 100% chocolate, 90% dark chocolate, 70% dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and several of our signature items, and receive a gift certificate good for 10% off your next purchase!

Cost is $10/person. Tastings last approximately 1 hr. Space is limited to 8 people.

Tastings are regularly scheduled for Friday afternoons throughout the high season. If you can't make it or prefer another date we simply need a week advance notice and a minimum of 4 people. Please call to book another date and time at (231) 326-3030.

Grocer's Daughter Chocolate
12020 S. Leelanau Hwy.
Empire, MI 49630


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